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Default My Father's Story

I will share his story since he passed in 1997 due to cancer with complications from agent orange. This is just what I have noted from the actual award of a Bronze Star with a V Device for his heroism in Vietnam dated 21 March 1968.
SSgt Burke distinguished himself by exceptional valorous actions while serving as a member of 563rd Transport Company Med. Truck Cargo on 21 March 1968 at 17:35 hours. SSgt Burke was acting as trail NCO of a convoy traveling south on highway QL14 from Kontum to Pleiku when the head of the convoy was ambushed. The convoy was halted and SSgt Burke moved up the line of vehicles placing the members into defensive positions. When SSgt Burke returned to the rear of the convoy fire was received from the woods located 200 meters away on the west side of the road.
At approximately 17:45 hours the ambush at the head of the column was broken and the front of the convoy began to move. Realizing that the greatest safety for the convoy rested in getting out of the kill zone SSgt Burke ignoring the enemy fire moved up the line of halted trucks ordering the drivers to remount and move on. The drivers, inspired by SSgt Burke's disregard for his own safety quickly got into the trucks and by 17:50 hours the convoy was safely out of the kill zone.
As SSgt Burke in the last vehicle was preparing to leave, he overheard a radio message from two Air Force F-100 jets preparing to bomb the the ambush site. Realizing that friendly troops from road security forces had just entered the woods a few minutes before and would not be visible to the pilots of the jets SSgt Burke quickly contacted the Air Force forward control and halted the proposed strikes. SSgt Burke's quick reactions, personal courage and positive leadership contributed greatly to the defense of the convoy and enabled him to prevent a disaster which would have occurred had the proposed air strokes taken place. His actions were in the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the U.S. Army.

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