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Old 09-24-2017, 06:14 PM
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Google and Facebook are too big. I would bust them up if I was the government.

There is no way Google should have such power over what people read.

I read their supported websites show up above non supported websites regardless of relevance or the match to the search.

That is deceptive and illegal in my opinion.
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Old 09-25-2017, 11:32 AM
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Got an email from MGSchiller today telling me everything seems good today. Sure enough, it's working now, without the notice. Time to do a full backup.

Have no clue what did it.

* I updated my software (that replaces all the forum files)
* I disabled and enabled the plugins (that might have restored default settings)
* I asked Google to rescan and check
* I asked them to remove me, if it's just an HTTP vs HTTPS

I tested it today, after your email, and sure enough it works for me too now.

Google Safe-Browsing even says I'm not infected. This is what they say
Review successful for http://ipscone[.]com/
September 24, 2017

To: Webmaster of http://ipscone[.]com/,
Google has received and processed your security review request. Google systems indicate that http://ipscone[.]com/ no longer contains links to harmful sites or downloads. The warnings visible to users are being removed from your site. This may take a few hours to happen.

Here are ways to keep your site safe in the future:

1 Secure your site from any future attacks
Identify and fix vulnerabilities that caused your site to be compromised. Change passwords for administrative accounts. Consider contacting your hosting service for assistance.
2 Always follow the Unwanted Software Policy
Make sure all downloadable files from your site comply with the criteria listed in the policy. Files that violate these criteria will be identified as unwanted software.

Want more help?

• Learn about preventing malware infection in our help center. • Ask more questions in our Webmaster Central Forum (Mention message type [WNC-608000]).
WebSite: (USMC 1963-1967)

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Old 09-27-2017, 08:48 AM
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Got another clearance. I went to a site called

That does a scan to detect infected sites. The other day it was reporting a redirection AND being blacklisted.

After I updated my software and asked Google to rescan, it was fixed. But the blacklisting took a day or so to clear.

Today I checked and the site is no longer blacklisted. So, the first thing I did was to backup my entire site, AND database. is now safe to visit. Although, I really don't think there was ever anything wrong. I think Google is just becoming obnoxious. Many are saying that in 2017 they are going to start tagging every site that has logins that don't use HTTPS.

This was from

PS: I don't use Sucuri software or firewall. I only used their scan feature. They scan, then try to sell you something. As you can see, it was not necessary to use any of their expensive products, to get my site back online.
WebSite: (USMC 1963-1967)

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