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Old 09-08-2016, 06:24 PM
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Default Acknowledgement

Tell anyone in the military that they are being acknowledged for the work they do and 99.9% of the time you will hear I don’t need to be acknowledged, it’s my job. But what about if it’s not your job and your being asked to volunteer your time? Some will turn away others will ask WHAT’S the MISSION before they turn away? Then you have those that see their support is needed and who will jump on board no matter what.
Less than two weeks ago a decision was made to take a web site that only supported one branch of our military to supporting ALL branches of our military…LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.
Calls went out to build a team, people jumped on board with both hands and feet. THE MISSION, change this site to something everyone would be proud of and one that supported all. Each team member took on part of the mission from re-designing the web sites logo to, to changing the look and feel of the site. Some project crossed over others functions. In the end it all came together not quit like clockwork but damn close to it.
For me personally I still find it hard to believe we pulled it off but then again I know the team members and what each brings to the table…..With that said I want to recognize each team member who without your dedication and hard work we would not have pulled this off.

Major Chuck Edmond (Retired USCM)
Chuck has supported my many missions for years now, he also allows us to host this web site and others on his personal server. He’s always available to answer questions or help in any way he can. I can’t say enough about this Marine.

Jon Zobrist
The server man as I call him. Jon has done so much behind the scenes work supporting these web sites I don’t have room here to list all that he has done. The one thing I will say is this man has created one of the most UNIX secure server’s I’ve ever seen and I have 32 years’ experience in the computer field.

Mike (Ipscone) as you know him.
Mike is what I consider the most knowledgeable Vbulletin guy I know. From the beginning Mike offered to work on the site layout and functionality. Fixing stuff I had all messed up from years of THINKING I knew what I was doing with the original web site. He took garbage and made it smell and function better than ever before. The man knows his shit not doubt about it.

Rick Mack
Rick is a Marine that won’t say much about his combat tour in Viet Nam but let’s just say he probably has more metal in his body than most…..Enough said.
Although Rick is also a Vbulletin web site developer his real thing in life is his ability to create graphic images. He developed the first graphics for the Marine Comm Center and he did an OUTSTANDING job with our present logo for the Military Comm Center. In our last phone call today he kept asking WHAT’S NEXT, WHAT’S NEXT? There is a reason he’s call 6TGunner, feel him a belt of ammo and stand the fuck by.
By the way, if you can’t see the new logo, clear your cookies.
Well there you have it, two weeks and one as kicking team……I can’t thank each of you enough….YOU really did the deal…….

The Military Comm Team
Semper Fi

Cpl Miller USMC 1964 - 1970
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