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Originally Posted by Gunny Hardy View Post
In the 50s and 60s I grew up as an Air Force Brate. Lived in Northern California; Holloman AFB NM; Eglin AFB FL; Athens Air Base Greece; and Ramstein AFB Germany. Father retired in 64 and I enlisted in USMC in 67. Made it Nam in 69. Reenlisted in 71 and served until 1978. Did my last 3 years at Patch Barracks in Germany on Joint Service Duty. Got out and went to college. After starting a teaching career, I joined the Army National Guard. I was activated for Desert Storm but it was over before we could leave. I was later activated for a year and a half and did 12 months at Camp Taji near Baghdad. Retired with over 26 years military credit.

Loved every minute of it.
You must have loved it.
Thank you for your long service to our nation Gunny!
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