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Default I may have found it - Dangerous Game Cartridge

I found one "in stock". I've been looking for a Winchester Model 70 African Express, in .458 Winchester Magnum.

I could order one but haven't come across in any store. Yesterday, I found one. But it was in .416 Remington Magnum, instead of .458 Win Mag.

After looking at the ballistics, I may just get this sucker. I'm going back today or tomorrow to check out the condition of the rifle. I can't imagine that a rifle with a whopping big cartridge would have been fired that much.

.416 Rem. Mag has an energy of over 5000 foot pounds. Imagine the watermelons that could punch through.

The one I'm looking at isn't quite this fancy. This is a custom job. But the fifle is the same.

Look at the kick on this sucker. (<-- Video)
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