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Originally Posted by devildog64012 View Post
Here is a LINK to the story at Military dot com
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It sounds like the initial allowed call-up is only about 1,000 Pilots and to start with it is a voluntary recall.

This is quite old, but one of the big problems with out Air Force is that it pretty much requires especially Fighter Pilots to go through the Air Force Academy to even start to be a pilot. That is too narrow an approach. There are probably a multitude of natural pilots out there like Chuck Yeager was, that have no desire to spend four years being hazed and forced to beat the books just to fly. There should be some way to screen for pilots right out of high school, develop both planes and training for naturally skilled fliers, and put them into the Cockpit while they are still young and feisty. The planes they fly could have capabilities and equipment comparable to the Fighters of WWII - though jets instead of props. And since this route to getting pilots would be much more economical, they could be a major threat because of numbers rather than over the top technology. F-22s and F-35s could still be reserved for the more highly educated, technically trained pilots. But the vast majority of America's first line of defense could be much more economical!

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