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I did not see combat so basic was the worst for me.

My drill sergeant had it out for me. I was the only one in the entire company to pass the first PT test given in Basic. He decided right then he hated me. He made me a squad leader because the captain probably told him to.

Anytime I would do something to piss him off, he would make me hold three 25 pound plates above my head. He threatened to recycle me and make me start over if I did not keep them above my head until he said to put them down. He made me hold them for five minutes one day, and I dropped one. I put my foot under it so it would not crack the floor. My foot hurt for weeks, it was probably fractured, but he would not let me go to sick call. I guess it just finally healed up.

He restricted my diet even though I was six feet tall and weighed 160. I was barely 150 when I graduated.

He hated me, because I was good and strong.

He wanted weak and bad, so he could train them and make them better. I only got worse and worse from lack of food. My final PT score was two points lower than my first test. I did not gain one thing from training except a hatred for Drill Sergeant Hill.
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