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JoeJester 10-13-2016 07:36 AM

Loran Station Attu ---
I'll start these videos I found on youtube ...
Some of these Loranimals were in my crew.

I'll post some historical videos later.

jacoastie 10-13-2016 07:50 AM

A woman behind every tree?

JoeJester 10-13-2016 04:19 PM

A number of trees ... no women during my time. However, after revamping the barracks, they were assigned. During my time there, a CDR from G-NRN came there to discuss women being assigned. Since he knew me, he started his recorder and asked "Chief, how many women can you handle?"

My response was ... Commander, we can accomandate nine right now, at least when I was here in 74, there were nine Petty Officers in the PO Quarters up off the rec deck, but to your specific question, I'm sure we can handle alot more.

The tape recorder was turned off the remainder of the conversations. :)

Of course, some would describe that duty as ....

23yrsUSCGUSCS 10-14-2016 06:23 AM

My older son and his new wife just took a cruise from Seattle to Alaska last month for their honeymoon. They loved it. They took a helicopter ride over a glacier and landed on one so they could walk around and experience it.

I've never met anyone who spent time there that did not like it.

I've never been there.

MCPO 10-14-2016 07:34 AM

Joe, I must admit that I was really surprised when I learned that women were at Port Clarence (nearest tree was about 25 miles away) .

JoeJester 10-14-2016 09:15 PM

There was a guy that worked for me who went AWOL from port Clarence ... he walked off and was picked up in town and was flown back.

At least no Coastie to my knowledge had tried to swim back to the states from Attu.

JoeJester 10-14-2016 09:20 PM


I've never met anyone who spent time there that did not like it.
The feelings change as one puts time between their units. They always miss their shipmates and aspects of the unit's location and mission.

I have known of people making multiple tours there. I did a followup tour ... spent alot of time fishing. Where else can five people fill the back of a pickup with salmon in 45 minutes.

MCPO 10-17-2016 05:57 AM

That guy was real lucky Joe - it was about 12 miles or so to Teller when we took the Sno-trac over there - temperature below zero - we took the 16 foot boat we had (no idea why the station had one) over once, froze our butts off, had to start a drift wood bon fire to dry of and warm up. If he walked over by land it had to be close to 20 miles.

JoeJester 10-17-2016 05:45 PM

I know he was lucky. He walked across the frozen bay according to what he wrote in the guest book at loran-history.

Here's a couple more videos found at youtube for Attu ...

Change of Command

Decommissioning Ceremony

Tower Demolition

MCPO 10-18-2016 05:21 AM

I saw a video of the tower at Port Clarence coming down - they made a short comedy - had someone on the camera crew plugging in a power cord just as the tower started to go so that it appeared that they caused it. Hard to believe that the tower at Port Clarence had been up for 46 years

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